Client Education Is The Best Interior Design Marketing

 Attract new interior design clients through education

You're a cutting edge interior designer with a strong aesthetic, and you know the hot trends, no matter the look desired. Unless you're blogging regularly posting on social media and nurturing prospects, you're a goldmine of knowledge being wasted, and you're probably not attracting the right customers to your website. Driving customer to your brand is an important part of business growth, especially for interior designers. A style is transient, and if you are not top of mind, clients will eventually drop off. You need an interior design marketing strategy that seeks to entice new customers into the sales funnel by demonstrating your design expertise. 

One of the best (and easiest) methods to do this is inbound marketing. This is a marketing philosophy that's perfect for demonstrating and taking advantage of interior design trends that will excite your ideal customer. Answering questions that potential clients have; is an excellent start for your content. However, knowledge of the latest interior design trends is not the only thing you require to make a success of your inbound marketing campaigns.

HubSpot has some tools available to support any interior designer’s online marketing campaign. Here are the main items that will attract your potential clients to your brand.

Blogging Illustrates Your Talent

The blogging tool is part of the software. It looks exactly like your website and has the call to action buttons that take people directly to your landing pages. This enables you to track and convert the right kinds of leads with ease. It also includes the ability to identify and utilize keywords that match current interior design trends within your blog articles. Making your content smart and you wealthier.

Blogging activities are likely to be one of the first things that a prospect is going to come across as they search for an answer to an interior design question. So, respond to questions with your blog and consider the questions that are currently trending.

Social Media Share and Follow

Social media should be a huge part of your marketing.  Your clients are searching on their iPhones, iPads, and their home computers. Social media (Houzz, Pinterest, and Twitter) is one way in which they connect with brands they are interested in. You want to be that brand.

Interacting with your target group, directing them to articles that they will find useful, and offering advice over the platforms is a way to make your presence known.

With HubSpot, you can post and monitor campaigns across social media platforms like Twitter hashtags and mentions, Facebook Likes and LinkedIn discussions from a single screen.

With the analytics that are available, you can view the whole picture and see how many people have interacted with your social updates to view how far your exposure has gone towards attracting new clients. 

Long Tail Keywords and Search Engine Optimization

The art to getting your work to the top of the search engine listings is to discover and use the correct keywords. Identifying what the current interior design trends are, is the first step towards determining the list of keywords that will raise you to the top of search engine results page.

All HubSpot tools have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built in. With the service, you can save vital time by researching what keywords are currently in use and track those that your competitors are using. It can even help you get instructions on the content that you use that will help you rank highly.

Build Landing Pages That Give Them More

No matter how much effort you put into your social media, blogging or keywords – if your landing pages are not right, your conversions will be low. It is important to realize what is currently working and what is not. It isn’t just about the SEO; your consumers have to like the page as well.

HubSpot allows you to realize what your potential clients are seeking with excellent analytics and reporting that measure a host of metrics. With this, you can adjust your campaigns to optimize them for your audience.

Here at Means-of-Production, we provide training and support setting up websites and marketing software packages. Give us a ring and we will help you publish content that touts the latest interior design trends.  We can increase the exposure of your brand, attract your target audience and then help you convert them into quality leads.

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