Skillings & Sons is a provider of water wells, geothermal systems and water filtration throughout New England. Means-of-Prodcuction creates all marketing and advertising for them. Advertising deliverables include, creative, ad placement, media buying, copywriting, and concept development. On the marketing side we have built them a website, animation, email newsletters and workflows, direct mail and a series of events for consumers as well as "Lunch & Learn" events for realtors.

We are their outsourced marketing department. When first engaged, the Skillings and Sons website had 120 visitors a month and no contact information was being captured on lead conversion pages. On our third anniversary, we hit a milestone of 22,000 visitors per month. The Hubspot analytics chart below illustrates that the majority of visitors came through organic traffic (The green graph). Publishing informative blog articles twice a week made this possible.

36 Months of Visitor Data Illustrates the Value of Business Blogging 

Print Advertising Creative and Media Buying Services

The following advertisements were designed for use in local and regional publications such as Boston Home, New Hampshire Home and Boston Magazine. The concept behind the ongoing print campaigns is to stand out with strong single ideas and draw attention to the creative. Most home magazine ads look nearly identical - perfect architectural photograph, logo and message. These were designed to break the typical format used by highlighting features and benefits in a straight-forward easy to understand way using irony and elements of humor. 

Direct Mail Creative and Media Buying Services

Postcards are sent to promote educational events and services to existing clients, leads captured on website conversion pages and to purchased lists from geographic areas where we seek to expand the companies reach. The postcards are sent every other month and support the blog articles so that the website is easily found in search engine results. 

Website Design and Development

Building a website should never be more than a fraction of your online marketing efforts. Many small businesses devote all of their marketing budget to building a website and then a few short months later, wonder why the website does not generate any tangible leads. A high-quality, visually interesting website is important to the perception of your company and brand. Do not forget to consider if your website has copy that resonates with your target clients, what paths will be taken to be found online, and what sort of lead conversion process you will have on your website. Below are before and after images of

Marketing and Advertising Deliverables Provided

  • Website design, copy and development
  • Implementation and management of Hubspot marketing software
  • Blog writing, illustrations and publishing
  • Social media posting and management on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Print advertising design and media buy
  • Broadcast advertising, copywriting and media buy
  • Copy and design of brochures and guides used as led conversion giveaways
  • Direct mail campaigns including design, copywriting, and mailing
  • Video and video animation production
  • Event marketing and production of on location educational meetings
  • Photography

Animation Created for the Website Homepage

The results have been tremendous. Our sales have increased every year.
— Brandi Coulter, Director of Operations - Skillings & Sons, Inc.

Video Created to Highlight The Companies Experience


The Video Below Illustrates Our Work and the Results Attained


Skillings and Sons Website After Design Click To Enlarge