Want Better Clients? Beautiful Websites and Conversion for Growth

I’m constantly looking at other websites (even non-blog sites) to get inspiration for the next iteration of Design Milk and to spot new trends in site design. What I didn’t know was that most of the sites that I really love are, in fact, not designed from scratch, but use web-based software like Squarespace.
— Jaime Derringer, Founder + Executive Editor of Design Milk (Jaime's website/blog is built on Squarespace)

At its most basic, a website is simply an online portfolio. Better websites can act as a stand-in for you when you can't be there in person. But the very best websites use landing pages and automated marketing to generate clients. To a visitor, a website should convey your personality, be easy to navigate, and explain the benefit of your firm's services. It should also be memorable, enticing and specific, but the design, imagery and copy on your website is only part of the equation. Your website is a marketing expense and like all marketing that should generate a trackable return.  We build design forward websites with content marketing built in because buying a website without SEO would be like buying a new car without wheels.

  • Search Engine Optimization - It should have keyword-rich content, proper tagging, an XML sitemap, canonical structure, and be easy to share. In a nutshell, a site that has a blog attracts the type of clients you want to work for
  • User Experience - Images should load fast, photography should be professional, and the sites information architecture should move prospects towards a sale
  • Lead Capture -  Websites should build a list of prospects through the use of call-to-actions, landing pages and forms
  • Nimble - Content should take seconds to update and show you exactly what it will look like on the page when live
  • Integrated Marketing - Customer relationship management and automated email marketing are about efficiencies, cost savings and results.

We use Squarespace to build websites because the platform is thoughtfully designed for the small business owner and marketing professional - not a computer programmer. A professionally built Squarespace website will save you time and allow you to concentrate on running your business. You will never have to update software, learn how to speak to a web developer or patiently wait days at a time for content updates to be posted. Simplicity is at the core of these elegantly designed content management systems. A Squarespace website will provide your businesses value far beyond its low monthly cost. We build exceptional websites for our clients. Call or email us to discuss your business goals or schedule a 30-minute call on our calendar and we will call you. We will help you determine the best website solution and ongoing marketing for your firm.Or

Squarespace Website Pricing Starts at $4,500.00 - See What Comes With Our "Soup to Nuts" Squarespace Website Package

Features and Benefits

Beautifully Designed for Brand Consistency

A brand is more than a logo. It's the visual representation of your firm. The key to successful branding is to consistently use the same design elements - color, font, graphic design, voice, etc. - until your firm's identity is remembered. Squarespace will keep your brand looking its best by ensuring there are no discordant variables in your online presence.

Infinitely Customizable Page Layout

With Squarespace, you're never stuck having to conform your content to a rigid template format. With a grid-based layout that uses up to twelve variable width columns and spacers, every page on your website can be different. Look for design inspiration from visually engaging magazines and emulate the layout using mobile-ready, responsive design. Squarespace has templates, but the approach is different. They're a starting point for ideas, like Escoffier's five French mother sauces.

Galleries That Augment The Work You Do

It's hard to stand out from the crowd if your portfolio uses the same old format as everyone else. With a variety of galleries to choose from and custom design features built-in, you don't have to restrict how prospects view your work. Want to add a video portfolio? Not a problem.  Want big beautiful screen width images?  We've got you covered. Need someone to take great photography for you? With decades of experience, we can do that too.

Time Saving Automated Security

There were over 390,000 malware attacks on WordPress websites each day in 2014. Rebuilding your website after your hosting company has pulled it for malware is aggravating. Squarespace and Hatchbuck have eliminated the time-consuming task of updating your site against malicious attacks. They do it for you. If you ever have an issue, with your website, you can contact customer service 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Metrics That Track Your Success

Squarespace websites come with dashboard analytics built-in that allows you to track how people found your site and what they did when they arrived. Adding visitor identification and behavioral based tracking to exactly know who comes to your website, how they found your site and how name times they've visited is available through the addition of Hatchbuck. Have you ever wonder if your blog or SEO efforts are attracting visitors? Does your site encourage sales? Create a plan, gather data, monitor conversions, see the actions readers take and you'll know.

Blogging, SEO And Email Marketing Ready

Good websites are more than a showcase. Squarespace websites and Hatchbuck marketing software provides multiple ways to stay in touch with clients and attract new prospects. Get found online line with built in search engine optimization tools and blog pages. The built-in form builder provides lead capture marketing capabilities and Squarespace seamlessly integrates with the email service provider, Mailchimp and Hatchbuck automated marketing.