Press Release Distribution Services Using PR Newswire iReach

Press Release Distribution Services Using PR Newswire iReach

We write press release articles for our clients and post them on PR Newswire for distribution to tens of thousands of bloggers, media outlets, search engines, and over 1000 PR Newswire partner websites. 

Using public relations as part of your marketing strategy enables your company to communicate your brand message to a wider audience of through earned media. The key is to write stories people care to read. Marketing a business and building brand equity requires more than just listing product benefits to consumers. When done with your audience persona in mind, public relations can deepen emotion and drive engagement when woven into your marketing strategy.

Press releases are relevant for one reason and one reason only, media attention.  They provide cheap publicity and search engine optimization benefits through the encouragement of linkbacks to your website. PR Newswire to distributes press releases to every major news site and search engine on the web. The distribution will get your press release in front of over 250,000 subscribers and 30,000 journalists and bloggers.

Small businesses who regularly distribute well-written press releases may find that their public relations efforts provide a gateway to being considered a source for expert commentary in print and broadcast news media. 

Our press release and distribution package includes five articles, written and published within a year. It includes the following,

Do you know the difference between PR and advertising? Advertising is when you say how great you are. PR is when other people say how great you are. PR is better.
— Guy Kawasaki
  • Writing a press release for public relations distribution will drive visitors to your website and increase backlinks. Download this whitepaper to learn PR best practices.
  • Our copywriter interviews you and your team and builds a list of contacts for quotes and expert information
  • Five press release topics, keywords and search engine optimized titles are created and submitted for approval
  • A 300+/- word "About" your company section is written to be used in each article distributed.  
  • The five articles are written and submitted for review and approval. They include 400 to 600+/- words plus the "About" company section, links to landing pages on your website, a linked photograph. 

Visibility reports show what media outlets have picked up your press release, the number of online views, top referring websites and your social media engagement.

The cost of a PR and distribution on PR Newswire iReach is $3,360 for five press releases with images and social media posting. The five press release articles must be distributed within six months.