Our Logo Design Philosophy

Quechee Music Fest Logo

The below video shows the final results of a crowdsourced logo design contest for The Quechee Music Fest in Quechee Vermont. 

We kick off all logo designs with a discussion where we decide upon the values you want the logo to communicate, such as simple versus complex, masculine or feminine, bold or subtle. We then determine the style that fits your target audience and the image you would like to project.  These styles include,

  • Pictorial Mark Logos - Apple, Nike, Shell, Mercedes-Benz, Puma
  • Character marks - KFC, Michelin, Mr Clean, MailChimp
  • Wordmark Logos - FedEx, Coca-Cola, Disney, Subway, Kleenex
  • Lettermarks - NASA, HBO, GE, IBM, VW, CNN, ABC, HP
  • Abstract Logo Marks - Target, Sprint, AT&T, American Airlines, Chase
  • Emblems - VW, Harley Davidson, NFL, UPS, Starbucks, Tag Huer, Mini

Color options and font style are decided upon before creating a creative brief.  The next step is to post the brief online and invite 50+ logo designers to submit designs.  We manage the design contest and provide feedback to each designer on every design submitted.  Our clients often have in excess of 100 logo designs to choose from. The result is a better logo, one that represents your brand and speaks to your ideal client.

Why Use Crowdsourced Logo Designers?

With the right branding, businesses can increase their products perceived value, establish relationships with their customers that spans ages and borders and nurture those relationships into lifelong bonds
— David Airey, Author, Logo Design Love

Most marketing firms, small advertising agencies and web design shops have a designer on staff that creates their logos. For these firms, logo's are often an add-on to a larger project. Employing a staff designer means keeping them busy, so they also design brochures, web pages, business cards, mobile apps, banner ads, book covers, trade show displays and just about everything. They're often very good generalists but frequently they gravitate towards a look and feel that they like, not necessarily one that will attract your target market. The odds of an in-house designer's design predilection matching your company's aesthetic is slim. Our approach is different. We don't employ designers that create logos as a sideline. We source designers who specialize in logos and brand standards and have an aesthetic sensibility that matches yours.

Logo Design Examples

The following are logos created for landscape architects, interior design firms, design-build contractors, general contractors, a city construction project and more.