Squarespace Websites, Cover Pages and E-commerce Solutions

 Squarespace cover pages websites and commerce solutions provide options for branding your firm and distinguishing your work from the crowd of competitors

Squarespace cover pages websites and commerce solutions provide options for branding your firm and distinguishing your work from the crowd of competitors

Squarespace is a website content management system that helps design-build, landscape design, architectural and interior-design firms manage and host a visually extraordinary website that is more than just another online portfolio. Since launching in 2004, millions of users have created websites using the Squarespace's exceptionally intuitive website-building tools. All of their products are responsive design enabled which means the user experience will always be its best no matter what device a visitor is on, phone, tablet or desktop. Squarespace has five service levels for  building websites. They are cover pages, two complexity levels of a website as well as two levels of e-commerce websites. Squarespace also provides a blogging platform, domain registration, hosting, website analytics, Google apps for work integration, and 24/7 customer support. 

Squarespace features three main product lines: Cover Pages, Websites, and Commerce. Each line allows you to use their site building tools to put your content online. Let’s look at these product lines a little more in depth.


This option is the most economical. A cover page is a one-page website that’s perfect for promoting an event, taking an action like gathering emails addresses or reserving a domain while your website is under construction. 

Pages can feature full-bleed images, bold, clear text and can be designed quickly. It’s as simple as adding an image, some text, buttons, media, and then hitting publish and you’re online. Plus, mobile design is built right in so your customers can access your mobile optimized website from their smartphones and tablets. 

Cover pages are useful for creating landing pages on your Squarespace website. Here's a lead generation idea. Create a resources page that is behind a form. Request a sign up for access to resources like the price of your built environment services. 

If you're a landscape designer or architect, you might provide a guide to sustainable plants used in a coastal environment. Segment the list by existing client location as a way of attracting new clients in the places you are seeking new clients.

An interior designer might provide a list of furniture manufacturers you recommend and why. Durability, aesthetic and type of home using categories that apply to the work you do. If you are seeking remodels of classic American styles, you might create a list of furniture resources for a bungalow, prairie style, craftsman or southern low country home.
Architects and design-build contractors might identify what a high-performance building is and what approach is used to determine a building's LEED qualifications. Use the USGBC as a source of this information and provide your thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of residential LEED certification.


Squarespace offers personal and business website plan options. If you need more than a simple cover page, this is the option for you. Website designs include navigation menus, galleries and other diverse pages that can be found in the templates offered. You can even sell a few products on the Website plans so you can build a small online shop without upgrading to a full Commerce plan. Also, you have access to all of the Cover Page layouts available in the Cover Page plan. Squarespace websites come with the foundation needed to create content marketing websites that are structured to take advantage of search engine optimization and most importantly blogging and call-to-actions. They provide four types of gallery pages to exhibit your work, and project portfolios can be custom designed to distinguish your firm from your competitors.

Using e-commerce as part of your website is a good way of increasing the number of pages on your site and adding those all important keyword phrases that attract visitors and keep your search engine rank high. Consider selling house plans, home accessories, consultations as part of your service offerings. Even if you never have a sale, it will help you attract clients to your website.


The Personal Website Plan is perfect for smaller sites with one or two contributors. If you’re starting a blog, have a single product to sell, or are looking to establish your web presence, the personal plan is perfect. It includes up to 20 pages, galleries, and blogs and offers unlimited bandwidth and storage and like all Squarespace plans, mobile design is built-in.


The Business Plan is a bit more robust offering unlimited pages and contributors. If you need a lot of content or a team of admins, the business plan is a great way to create and manage a beautiful site. 

It’s also a great way to display your work or business and you can set-up a small shop to sell up to 25 products. An example of this might be selling Persian rugs if you’re an interior designer, or selling small project services if you're a design-build firm. The Business plan uses the same store design and checkout as the Squarespace Commerce plans, but with simplified features.


Squarespace offers two Commerce Plans, Basic, and Advanced. It’s suitable for small retail operations just getting started online and can be upgraded as you grow. If your primary goal is e-commerce, this is the plan for you. You’ll have access to all of our design templates (Cover Page, Website, and Commerce) and can sell unlimited products. 

The Basic Plan is for businesses that don’t need advanced integrations for shipping or marketing. The Advanced option is perfect if you’re processing multiple orders and need advanced shipping and marketing. It also offers state-of-the-art selling tools, Shipstation for label printing, integration with Xero tax tools, and built-in carrier calculated shipping rates to give your customers affordable shipping options. 

After building websites on WordPress for years, Squarespace is now our go-to choice for architectural, interior designer, landscape designer, and design-build firm websites. Means-of-Production builds Squarespace websites that will include writing all of the content with keywords, setting up portfolios for photographs that have been color corrected and optimized in Adobe Lightroom, and all of the tools required to capture leads and funnel them into an automated email marketing system. The cost is $4,200.00 and is launched in 4-6 weeks. Squarespace is easy to use, intuitive and elegant. It allows you to concentrate your website maintenance efforts on what's most important, content marketing. Plans are billed monthly or annually and are fully upgradeable. Annual billing costs are lower and include registering a free custom domain for the year.

About Michael Conway and Means-of-Production

About Michael Conway and Means-of-Production

My firm builds Squarespace websites, Houzz profiles, and content marketing and advertising solutions for architects, interior designers, design-build contractors and landscape design firms. Our all-in-one tactics attract the right clients with exceptional architectural photography and brand messaging that sets you apart from the competition. Contact me for a free-of-charge consultation and marketing review. It takes about 40 minutes and you'll be provided a list of actionable improvements designed to solve your specific marketing problems. 

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