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75 percent of marketers generated positive returns from content marketing.
— AdAge

When looking for a new product or service, where do you research the item? If you're like most people, 68% of people, you said a search engine. This is why every architecture, interior design, landscape and design-build firm should have a blog. Regularly posted articles are the single best way to market your business and attract prospective customers. Blogs make marketing scalable by enabling a single post to reach tens of thousands of prospects over time, and they do so at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. A relevant, entertaining and well-written blog will help you reach a new audience outside your circle of word-of-mouth referrals.  They help you connect with customers, generate web traffic and establish authority in your field and lastly, they convey your brand's uniqueness, illustrate your chosen aesthetic, create publicity and help you win customers. 

A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others. Content isn’t king, it’s the kingdom.
— Lee Odden, Author of Optimize

How do we know all of this? Experience. We have consistently increased the number of prospects coming to our clients' websites through blogging. We track the results of our blogging based on search terms using analytics software. Our most successful blogging client saw visits to their website increased from 120 per month to 22,000 per month in 36 months by blogging twice weekly. 

If your firm runs print advertising campaigns in magazines like Boston Home, Design New England, the Boston Design Guide or New England Home, you can improve the value of those advertisements by ensuring you get found online using blog articles. Print advertising is like white sugar in your diet. It is a quick boost of energy that fades fast. To take advantage of that increase of awareness before it disappears - usually a week to ten days after it hits the newsstand - you should have content in place that gets your website found in search engines and provides the wayfinding needed to advance the buyer's journey.

Why We Are Better At This Than Most of Our Competitors

  • We’ve created a system that encourages you to share your unique voice and point of view. 
  • We care more about your relationship with your audience than your typical agency.
  • We build high-quality content that educates and supports prospects and clients.
  • We understand that a soft sell is the intent of content marketing.
  • We're specialists with a great interest in residential home improvement and design.

Publishing blog articles that answer the most frequently asked questions your prospective clients ask during the sales process is the key to attracting new potential customers and starting them on the path towards using your services. Keep in mind that unlike advertising, blog articles are evergreen content that will live online forever and keep attracting clients for years to come. When a blog is regularly updated, its value as a lead generation source multiplies far beyond the value of any other form of marketing or advertising. A blog's value increases when used as part of a content marketing strategy that includes regular email outreach. 

Many built environment professionals have misconceptions about blogging. The biggest is that business blogging is about you. It's not. It's about attracting and engaging prospective clients by answering the questions they submit to search engines. Writing blogs about Pantone's Color of the Year, Frank Gehry's water leaks, or yet another post and boast blog about the greatness of your latest building project is a wasted effort. Write blog articles that explain your pricing model, discuss your chosen aesthetic and why, illustrate the value of a renovation both in terms of quality of life and monetary return and in general, educate and demonstrate your value. These are article topics that work towards a business goal. 

In addition to misguided topic choice, there are tactical strategies behind blog writing that most staff members tasked with blog writing disregard. The following top-level questions should be answered and implemented if you are writing a blog for business purposes. A word of caution, though, Google dictates many of the attributes below, and they can change at any given moment. 

Blogging appears to have the most substantial impact on performance. Marketers who emphasize blogging are 13 times more likely to have increased return on investment year over year.
— Hubspot, State of Inbound
  • Is the title engaging and does it include highly searched yet, attainable keywords?
  • Have you used the correct number of characters in the title?
  • Is internal link placement in line with strategic goals?
  • What is your articles keyword percentage?
  • Do you include long tail keyword phrases?
  • Do you know your ideal blog length and diminishing results?
  • Have you written an enticing meta description?
  • What number and size of images should be in an article?
  • Best format options to promote reading?
  • What is the distribution plan using social media and email channels?
  • What is your blog frequency by persona and marketing channel?

We write blog articles that work

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A blog is the best way to get found online in search engines, and they are the first step towards attracting new clients. Annually, the investment in blog articles is 40% less than the cost of a half-page print advertisement in a single home magazine. A blog will attract prospects forever, acts as a brand ambassador on your website and says more about your firm than could ever be conveyed in a half page advertisement. When advertising, a blog will help your website get found in search engines through the use of keyword phrases that are about your service offerings. Once an advertisement is seen the next step most prospects take is to search for your firm online. If you don't have enough content rich pages on your website, then your competitors will come up in search engine results. Blog articles can attract, engage and encourage potential clients to look further into your firm at a lower cost and to greater effect than advertising.

* 52 Blog articles cost $5,720. That's $110 per article. They are researched, written, search engine optimized, posted with an image and scheduled to publish weekly.

* This pricing is for clients who use Squarespace as their website platform. Contact us if you are using another website platform.

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